U21 championships 1 724x1024Congratulations to NTC's Tyron Moores Duffield, Tia Thompson, Adrian Wagstaff and Simone Abley, who along with Joshua Levers have been picked to represent British Taekwondo for the Under 21 European Championships in Poland. They will be coached by a team that includes our very our own Master "Little" Mark. The competition takes place 8th – 11th November 2018 in Warsaw. The full team is listed below :-

-46kg Shayanne Sarsoza
-46kg Lauren Watson
-49kg Kristina Lees
-53kg Tia Thompson (NTC)
-57kg Ella Sands
-62kg Ellie Bowden
-62kg Ellie McCormick
-67kg Simone Abley (NTC)
-67kg Mollie Schofield

-58kg Tyron Moores-Duffield (NTC)
-58kg Luke Jones
-63kg Jamie Simpson-Kidd
-68kg Josh Levers
-68kg Cameron Davies
-74kg Deon Richardson
-74kg Ciaran McGovern
+87kg Adrian Wagstaffe (NTC)

Three National Taekwondo Club students have this week received confirmation in securing a space in GB Taekwondo's 12-month Fighting Chance programme.

Joshua Dancer, Daniel Brown and Dylan Ravenscroft all successfully passed phase one and phase two of the assessment process, leading to a formal offer to join the development programme for the next 12 months.

The programme is designed to help develop an athlete in technical and tactical areas, as well as behaviours and skill-sets that will aid their ability/readiness to thrive within an elite training environment.

Chief Instructor Mark, of the National Taekwondo Club, said: "I'm delighted to see that Daniel, Dylan and Joshua have been successful in the Fighting Chance initiative.

"All three of these athletes are skilled and talented in their individual ways and I know that they will go on to progress and achieve even more successes as a result of their selection to join the Fighting Chance programme - well done lads."

You can follow Joshua's journey with the club on Facebook: Joshua Dancer - National Taekwondo Club.

- The club will also be developing an official social media feed for Daniel and Dylan in the near future.



We are pleased to host the first domestic championships that will reward the winner of certain weight divisions with a cash priize. The competition will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday14th October.

Please see http://www.ma-regonline.com/tournaments/1178/NTC-OPEN-CHAMPIONSHIPS-2018, for full details.

You can donwload the the information booklet here.

22729227 935742706581087 772713454280236082 nA National Taekwondo Club Student has been announced as GB Taekwondo's Male Junior Athlete Of The Year following a year of spectacular successes both at home and abroad.

17-year-old European Silver Medallist Adrian Wagstaffe has consistently performed within Sport Taekwondo and the announcement comes following his inspiring achievement most recently at the European Taekwondo Championships in Cyprus, where he scooped silver at the games.

Upon learning of the announcement, Adrian said: “I’m extremely grateful to be honoured with such a highly regarded award.

“It’s been a tough yet very rewarding year for myself and I’m immensely proud of my developments within the sport.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the continuous support of my coach, Mark Moores and wider NTC team.

“Additionally the support and guidance, I have received from GB Taekwondo, has been very good and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in my personal development for what they have helped me achieve.”

The advanced athlete will now continue to focus on his training regime into the New Year, where he hopes to go on to achieve even bigger successes.

Chief Instructor Mark Moores, of NTC, added: “2017 has been a fantastic year for Adrian, having scooped some major titles not only here at home, but also abroad. His commitment and drive within the sport is entirely inspiring.

“Today’s announcement on becoming GB Taekwondo’s Athlete of the year is testament to this and I know that Adrian will progress to achieve even bigger things in 2018, whilst inspiring the next generation of budding athletes.”

**The National Taekwondo Club would like to collectively congratulate Adrian on this latest announcement!**

In a week of positive developments and breaking updates, we have another exciting announcement to make this evening.

Following many fantastic discussions with St Katherine’s Taekwondo Academy, the National Taekwondo Club is pleased to announce that they will now join the nation’s longest serving Taekwondo Club and become known as NTC London (St Katherine’s).

St Katherine’s was set up back in 1991 by Master Mark Sargeant, 5th Dan, who at the time had a vision of providing an opportunity to keep youngsters off the streets and away from crime.

Fast forwarding twenty-six years, the club retained this vision and has become a well-known sports club in the London area.

The club becomes the second branch in as many days to form part of the National Taekwondo Club, joining NTC Gedling (formerly OMAC-UK) and joins fellow branches in Nottingham, Chilwell, Coventry and Liverpool to benefit from the NTC brand and more than one hundred years of collective instructor experience in the sport.

Welcoming the London branch to the organisation is something that Chief Instructor Mark Moores is incredibly privileged to do. He said: “Master Sergeant has decades of experience under his belt and has become a well-known member of the Taekwondo community.

“With his and the rest of the NTC experiences, we have an incredibly unique amount of knowledge and expertise to ensure that all of our students receive the very best input from our coaches and instructors.

“I and the extended NTC team look forward to working closely with Master Sergeant and warmly welcome him and his team to the NTC brand.”

NTC London will remain under the management of Master Mark Sergeant but will benefit from opportunities including joint-training, competitions and the sharing of experience, as well as an increased online presence.

We're delighted to announce that following a series of discussions with OMAC-UK, the club will now become part of the National Taekwondo Club.

We welcome Master Juliet Williams and her team to the UK's longest-serving Taekwondo Club.

NTC Gedling will remain under the leadership of Master Williams but will benefit from joint collaboration initiatives and share an ever-growing national identity.

Master Mark Moores, Chief Instructor of NTC, said: "It's my absolute pleasure to welcome Master Juliet Williams to the National Taekwondo Club.

"I'm pleased to see our organisations brand thrive and with the added experience of Juliet's club, I know that everyone associated with NTC will continue to see enhanced training and collaboration opportunities, as well as further access to additional training sessions."

You can stay up-to-date with the work of NTC Gedling by liking their new dedicated Facebook page: National Taekwondo Club - Gedling

From Wednesday 1 November, Team Academy Huyton will officially become National Taekwondo Club (Liverpool) following successful negotiations to align the club with the UK’s longest-serving club.

NTC Liverpool joins the organisation at a time of continued growth and innovative collaboration and will become the third major city in England to become home to a full-time NTC branch.

Welcoming the new partnership and looking ahead to the future, Gordon Lee of Team Academy, said: “We would like to thank Peter and Lisa Hankin and everyone that has been associated with Team Academy over the last 3 and half years for their continued help and advice which has enabled us to develop our club in the right way and given us great success on and off the mat.

“We greatly appreciate all that you have done for our club.”

The Liverpool branch will remain under its existing leadership, but will see closer collaboration and joint-ventures as the organisation continues to explore new ways of providing the very best facilities to all of its members.

Chief Instructor of the National Taekwondo Club, Mark Moores, added: “I welcome Gordon and Lisa to our expanding and forward-thinking organisation.

“They both bring with them a vast amount of knowledge and experience which I have no doubt will benefit the wider organisation.

“With our joint commitment of providing the very best training available to Taekwondo athletes, as well as providing them with the best opportunities in the sport, I’m confident that this planned merge will only benefit all of those associated with the nation’s longest-serving Taekwondo club”

It’s also understood that the merge will make the National Taekwondo Club one of the largest active British Taekwondo Clubs in the UK, adding to existing branches in Coventry, Nottingham and Chilwell.

Gordon added: “I would also like to thank Mark Moores and NTC for allowing us to join forces with them and we are all looking forward to working together to make NTC the biggest club in Britain.

“Our first competition under the NTC brand will be Horizons 1-1 on Sunday 12 November in Bradford”

The re-branded club will also benefit from the club’s staggering online growth and digital campaigns, which often reaches more than 500,000 online views each month.

You can also stay up-to-date with all of the latest developments from the branch by ‘liking’ their brand new Facebook Page: National Taekwondo Club - Liverpool