NTC  Derby is run by Mr. Jamous, who is a strategist and a senior management consultant. He has lived in and traveled to over 30 countries, but Taekwondo has always accompanied him on his journey, a sport about which he is very passionate and has been practicing since 1982. Mr. Jamous has been trained by Mr. Chen Qiuhua, a martial arts trainer and physical trainer to the country's royal family of Jordan.

Mr. Jamous comes from a family with long success stories in Taekwondo at national and international levels amongst which are World gold, Youth Olympic bronze, Asia Games gold, Grand Prix bronze, and many others.

Mr. Jamous founded his taekwondo club in Derby in March 2019 and became part of National Taekwondo club in June 2019.

Mr. Jamous is the only practicing British Taekwondo instructor in the city of Derby. NTC Derby is the only club in the city of Derby that practices Olympic Taekwondo as developed in South Korea and the only member of the official national governing body for Olympic Taekwondo, British Taekwondo, in the area.

Training Times


16:30 - 19:45 - Children


16:30 - 19:45 - Children